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State-of-the-art MOBILE BOTTLING Line
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Our Mobile Bottling Line

BC Vintage Wine Services (VWS) is an owner-operator mobile bottling company located in Okanagan Valley, BC.

Our bottling line is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

At VWS our line offers a wide range of services from full service (bottling and labeling), to partial service (shiners).  We offer our customers the ability to use both screw cap and cork closures.  Included in our services we also provide on-board nitrogen along with a fully automated case taper.

Wine is a precious commodity, each piece of equipment in our line has been carefully selected to ensure, after bottling, your product remains precious. 


Years (too many to count) of wine industry experience amongst the four partners – we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our philosophy and committed go hand-in-hand – provide our customers the most professional and positive bottling experience possible.

Our Trailer

Our 40 foot reefer trailer is hauled by a Kenworth tractor combined they are 50ft long. Equipped with the latest technology to ensure low oxygen pickup bottling.  We offer both screw cap and cork finish with roller or heat shrink capsules.  The line includes a 12 sprout water/air rinsing station, a 4 head oxygen evacuation nitrogen purge deox station, a 15 head low pressure nitrogen inerted filler,  followed by both nitrogen injection screw cap and a vacuum corking station. Labels are applied with a 2 station vacuum belt labeler which can apply front and back labels on the same or separate rolls.  An on board boiler handles steam sterilization, and two 30 inch filter housings can provide both nominal and absolute product filtration.  A slow speed rotary lobe feed pump delivers the wine from the customs tanks to our trailer.  Finally an automatic case taper is used to seal the boxes.